Code Blue Movie OST

Listening to the movie's soundtrack might be a spoiler if you haven't watched the movie yet, but in general it's very similar to the drama series? :) I love it! I also want to buy the soundtrack to season 3 sometime.... sooner or later.

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Seto Koji

The documentary "The big country Japan with the 'New migrants'"

The title was so long that it didn't fit into the subject.
The documentary "The big country Japan with the 'New migrants' ~The unknown reality of foreign exchange students~" that aired on TV Tokyo on March 18th.
Seto Koji is narrating this documentary. The documentary is about foreigners coming to Japan in order to study the language and also earn money.

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Seto Koji

Gretel no Kamado in Vienna - visiting the location

This will be a post full of pictures.
In September 2014, Seto Koji went to Vienna for a few days for filming his sweets show Gretel no kamado.
He visited several cafés, some other places and met some people.
I went to most of the cafés he introduced in November 2016.


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Kodomo tsukai fanfic

Title: Big News
Fandom: Hey! Say! Jump / Kodomo tsukai
Pairing: Shunya/Naomi
Rating: PG
Words: 1068
Summary: Shunya and Naomi lived happily ever after… ;)
Notes: I wrote this fanfic last year after I watched the movie but I had completely forgotten about it until last week. Now that everyone has probably seen the movie, I can post it. It’s maybe the first and last time that I post a fanfic here.

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